Joey Scouts


Joey Scouts

Boys & Girls 6-7 years old

Joey Scout Participation Scheme

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The Joeys program develops your child’s understanding of the world around them, in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

A Joey Mob is the youngest section of Scouts for boys and girls aged 6 to 7 years. The Joey program introduces children to the world of challenges and adventures through emphasizing fun and friendship in a social environment.

Joey Scouting is about:

•  having fun
•  making friends
•  keeping the Promise
•  sharing
•  making progress
•  using a variety of groupings

Joey Mobs are guided to:

•  learn about themselves
•  get to know people
•  explore
•  care
•  be creative
• learn about the environment, native birds and animals

A Joey Mob is lead by at least two trained Joey Scout Leaders.  

HOP (Help Other People) is the Joey motto. This motto supports the development of social interaction with other children and encourages a sense of belonging.


The Promise, Law and Prayer

The promise, law and prayer are important parts of scouting, you will often hear a leader say “the scout law is the law of the camp”

When someone is invested into the scouting movement they understand the promise and law and agree to live by these.

Joey Promise

I promise to do my best

to love my God

And be helpful.

Joey Law

A Joey Scout Cares

A Joey Scout Shares

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