Campcraft Journeys

Here are several documents that will assist you in preparing for your

Blue or Green Campcraft Journey.

Both hikes have a recommended planning and preparation time-frame of a minimum 10 weeks.


For the 1-night Explorer Journey (Blue) Hike, you will need to use these guidelines


For the 2-night Adventurer Journey (Green) Hike, you will need several documents

Hike time-line

NSW Adventurer journey guidelines

Journey Pre-plan

A current version of these three

E1 – Activity Notification Form Parts I and II
E1 – Activity Notification Form Part III
E1 – Guide to the Activity Notification Form

which are found on the Scouts NSW forms page

Navigation Data Sheets

A Form to advise the police of your hike

A Risk assessment form

The form used to assess your work so you can “get it right” easier,

and finally some Relevant First-Aid info.

Also, for those in our group/district, here are some local hike routes

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